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You should notice a reduction in sweat immediately after miraDry treatment. As with any medical procedure, results will vary by person. Secondary effects include underarm hair and odor reduction.  Dramatic reduction of underarm sweat.  


Stop your Hyperhidrosis, Excessive Sweating with miraDry

Some people have had this problem since their early teens. They sweat excessively when they are stressed, excited, or even in an air-conditioned room while at rest. This is because the sweat gland is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The sweat gland is usually stimulated by a high temperature, but in some case, it works unrelatedly to the temperature at all. miradry Thailand

Many people said that the sweaty armpit gets worse when they have to be on the stage or in front of many people. The more nervous they are the worse it gets. Having sweat on other parts of your body may not smell as bad as on the armpit. Some deodorant can stop the smell only a few hours after shower, then the sweat and the smell come back again. Sometimes it even leaves the stain on your white shirt. No matter how hygienic or well-groomed you are, this may affect your personality and make you insecure.

This problem happens to both men and women. It is more obvious on men because of their body size, while women are worried because they are more concerned about their looks.

miradry Thailand can help eliminate underarms sweat and odor

Our popular miraDry treatment can reduce both sweating and odor, miraWave energy destroys sweat and odor glands in your underarms area effectively and safely. The sweat and odor glands are located close together in the armpit. The sweat gland is full of water which allows miraWave energy to work efficiently. The miraWave can also remove the odor gland nearby. Once the sweat and odor glands in your underarms area are removed, it is permanent and your body won’t produce them anymore.

miraDry is the best method to permanently reduce excessive underarms odor and sweating in only 2 treatments. You may experience 50% sweat and odor reduction immediately after your first treatment depending on the amount of sweat gland in your underarms area.  With the second treatment, three months apart, sweating and odor can be reduced up to 90%. You can get back to your gym the next day without having to worry about sweaty armpit.

miraDry treatment takes only 1-1 ½  hour ­­to perform. For more precise treatment, the process begins by placing the tattoo-like sheet on each of your underarms area which helps target the odor and sweat glands as they aren’t visible on your skin.

The miraDry vacuum suction piece is only used once to ensure that the procedure is clean and safe. The miraDry handpiece is not only designed for precised odor and sweat glands removal but also provided a cooling system preventing burned skin and tissue. The handpiece even helps soothing your skin from the anesthetic injection making this procedure pain free. The miraDry treatment has been approved safe by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) In the future the miraDry handpiece will be specifically designed to apply on your palms or feet.

How is miraDry different from other solutions?

Sweat gland removal surgery is another solution to eliminate sweaty armpit; however, the surgical procedure may leave scars on your skin. Also, the result is not guaranteed as it depends on the surgeon’s experience to locate the sweat glands which are just a few millimeter away from each other.

Toxin injections are also used in excessive underarms sweating treatments. When Toxin is injected into the skin, the treatment affects the signal between the nerve endings and the sweat glands and blocks the stimulation to produce sweat. While the toxin is working, the sweat glands don’t produce sweat and your skin feels noticeably dry. However, this treatment is only temporary. It requires injections every 6-8 months and doesn’t affect the odor glands.

 Minimal to no downtime
 Permanent results
 Immediate results
 Quick in-office procedure


Is not having a sweat gland in armpit dangerous?

Some people are concerned that having the sweat glands removed may be dangerous for the body. In fact, your armpit area only contains 2% of sweat glands in your body. Although you remove all of the sweat glands in this area, there is 98% more in other parts of your body. You will continue to sweat elsewhere.

Who can apply for miraDry treatment?

miradry Thailand treatment is for a person who is older than 16 years old. Apart from those who have excessive underarms sweating, those who sweat normally but have an odor problem can also apply for miraDry treatment. In fact, miraDry is for anyone who has been irritated by underarms sweating or for people who don’t want to use antiperspirants or deodorants every day. The chemical in deodorants may cause skin irritation or its scent may be too strong combined with your perfume. With miraDry, you won’t have to carry any of these products again!

There’s no doubt why miraDry is a very popular treatment now. Every patient who has experienced with miraDry feels it is ‘The Best Thing That Happened to Me’. Rattinan Clinic is the first and the most experienced clinic with miraDry !


Why Choose miraDry Thailand?

FDA-cleared for excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).  Permanently destroy sweat glands.

The first center in Thailand  We are the first and the only certified miraDry center in Thailand.
Special technique  
We use a special technique so that we could use only the highest “level 5” miraDry energy for the optimum result.
• Save cost  Affordable package cost (price may vary please ask for accurate quote)



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miradry thailand


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miradry review

miradry review


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Price of miraDry treatment is 50,000 THB 
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